Full-service laundry in Kuopio!


Clean and well looked-after textiles are an essential part of comfortable interiors. When you wash textiles correctly and frequently enough, they will last longer.

We offer laundry services for both companies as well as private people. Our clients include households, service homes, print houses, housing associations and construction companies.

We are professionals in cleaning rugs and carpets. We clean all kinds of rugs with high-quality service and fast delivery times. The rugs will get clean and will retain their shape and quality. Order our transport service and enjoy rug and carpet cleaning made easy.

Our new, modern surface cleaning machine for rugs is environmentally-friendly and top of the market in both water and detergent dosing. We respect the environment while washing rugs and carpets!

Washing large textiles, such as bedding and mattress pads, has been made very easy and quick with our large washing machines!

Our proficient staff is at your service whenever you wish to drop off textiles to be washed or use our self-service to wash them yourself without any hassle.

Our services also include renting cleaning machines. Machines available for rent:

  • textile cleaner
  • steam cleaner
  • floor scrubber
  • ozone generator



Tel. +358 17 263 3128
Itkonniemenkatu 27
70500 Kuopio, FINLAND
Pyykkisataman lahjakortti - loistava lahjaidea


A great gift idea!

Book time for self-service


Täyden palvelun pesula

You can drop off laundry to be washed by us or wash it yourself with the guidance of our professional staff..


Korkeatasoinen laitteisto ja tehokkaat pesuaineet

Our efficient cleaning machines and detergents ensure great washing results.


Puhtautta pesulasta - vesistöjä säästäen

Cleanliness from our laundry - while protecting water systems!