We are a local and reliable full-service laundry offering services that meet your needs as a customer. We value providing such high quality services to our customers that they are sure to return to us.

Service or self-service

You can drop off laundry to be washed by us or wash it yourself with our self-service option with the guidance of our professional staff. We are the only laundry in Kuopio that also offers the self-service option. The self-service provides an inexpensive, easy and quick alternative to cleaning, for example, machine-washable rugs. You don't need to take any washing agents with you as detergents and stain-removers are included in the self-service price. You can pop out to run errands while the machine is running or wait for it to finish in our neat laundry and spend time chatting with other customers. In the summer, you can take the rugs to dry outside where a warm breeze will dry them in a flash.

If you wish to use our self-service option, you need to book a time in advance. Please use this link or contact us by e-mail using the link on the right or by calling us, tel. +358 17 263 3128.

Cleaning rugs and carpets

We are professionals in cleaning rugs and carpets! You can drop off rugs to be washed by us any time without prior appointment. If necessary, order our affordable transport service and enjoy rug and carpet cleaning made easy!

We will always start cleaning the rugs by removing any stains with a solvent. We then wash your rugs based on the cleaning instructions either using a washing machine or with flat/surface cleaning techniques. We will make sure that your rug will be clean and retain its shape.

We wash all kinds of rugs and carpets, including cotton and rag rugs, plush and corridor rugs.

Special rugs, such as silk and paper thread rugs as well as rugs requiring dry cleaning are cleaned on our demand by our partner, VIIDEN TÄHDEN MATTOHUOLTO ('FIVE STAR RUG SERVICE') without any additional delivery charges.

All water-washable textiles

Home textiles, incl.
  • bedding
  • sleeping bags
  • down jackets
Company's textiles, incl.
  • work overalls
  • flags and pennants

Ironed laundry

We wash all kinds of textiles that can be washed normally with white or coloured laundry, including bedsheets, tablecloth, towels. Every customer's laundry is washed separately.

Damaged textiles

We also clean damaged textiles, such as those with water or smoke damage.

Dry cleaning Kemiallinen pesu

We also offer dry cleaning services through our partner.

Delivery service

We offer delivery services at times suitable for our customers.


We rent out textile cleaners, steam cleaners and floor scrubbers..

Our delivery service will bring the rented machine at your doorstep! Call us to make an order!


KÄRCHER Textile cleaner


You can use the textile cleaner to wash car seats, couches, lounge chairs etc. without hassle.

Kärcher tekstiilipesuri

KÄRCHER Floor scrubber                    

MODEL: BR 30/4 C

Extremely small and light (only 11 kg) scrubber drier offers an efficient
and hygienic alternative to manual cleaning of floor surfaces.
BR 30/4 C is efficient in areas sized 20–200 m².

KÄRCHER Steam cleaner


You can use the steam cleaner to clean any hard surfaces, such as bathroom, kitchen and sauna.

Kärcher tekstiilipesuri


Tel. +358 17 263 3128
Itkonniemenkatu 27
70500 Kuopio, FINLAND
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Ozone generator

OzoneGenerator 7G

Odour removal or ozone air purification is one of the few solutions for getting rid of odour that is not eliminated with washing or cleaning.

Ozonation destroys the compounds that cause the smell without affecting the fibres.

Suitable for, e.g.

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Waste water damaged textiles
  • Musty basement smell